Friday, October 9, 2009

AL Manager of the Year

One of the duties/privileges of being a member of the BBA is that you get to cast votes for the major awards at the end of the season (and people actually count them... crazy, I know).

The first award of the year is AL Manager of the Year.

Honorable Mentions:

Joe Girardi
Jim Leyland
Terry Francona

We've ranked the top 3 in the following (reverse) order:

3. Ron Washington

Washington had to deal with injuries and scandals (both related in some way to Josh Hamilton (former Devil Ray)), and had a mediocre team playing very well and competing for a playoff spot as late as mid-September.

2. Mike Scioscia

Scioscia is a wizard. I've heard the whole AL West is a breeze argument, but year in and year out Mike has his guys ready to roll into the post-season. A great manager surrounded by great talent.

and the winner is (drumroll please):

1. Ron Gardenhire

Gardenhire has put together a great line-up, and was able to win games when it mattered as his Twins chased down, and ultimately beat the Detroit Tigers to win the AL Central. A manager who can help his team win down the stretch when every pitching change/match-up matters is what qualifies him for manager of the year in my books.

*side note in regard to our very own Joe Maddon: In my rankings he fell somewhere around the 10 to 12 range... his bullpen decisions, and occasionally ridiculous rest-days for starters really cost him and ultimately the Rays.


Dustin Fridkin said...

Yeah, Gardenhire has to win the AL MOY going away (tho Washington certainly deserves a mention for what he nearly did with the Rangers--had they made it, it'd be tight between the two).

DirtbagFan said...

The BBA vote is in and Scioscia is your AL MOY.