Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walk-Off Winners

In a departure from our signature daily recap, "Cheese & Whine", today's post is just a compilation of various, random thoughts from the Rays' 2010 debut.

-Evan Longoria is a stud, but his K's are gonna sky-rocket this season as he starts to get a "homerun happy" mentality.

-Soriano is a Troy Percival redux, and my cardiologist is licking his chops.

-CC is ready for another big season and a subsequent big contract from NY- can they really have two CC's on one team?

-Sean Rodriguez was pressing in an attempt to prove his offensive prowess.

-How many games before we get Brian Anderson in the booth with Dewayne?

-No errors by either team in the season opener, somewhat unusual.

-The bullpen is in trouble in JP's absence.

-Jason Bartlett is going to prove to the world that 2009 was his rule not his exception.

-The Rays are undefeated.

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