Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Maddon-ing

Last night's game is garnishing tons of media attention for its great bench-clearing brawl, but in case everyone forgot: there was actually a baseball game played as well (a poorly played one).

The Rays lost for a plethora of reasons including Shields' ejection, and too many K's, but those are just peripheral reasons. The primary reason, you ask?...

Joe Maddon!

The Rays were down 3 before the game even started because someone in the Cracker Jack factory forgot to include the "Potential scenarios for intentional walks" section in the managers' guide that they included in the box during their MLB promotion.

With 1st base open and Man-Ram at the plate there is NO EXCUSE as to why they decided to pitch to him.
The result? Mr. Ramirez hits a ball to Pluto...

Add this game to the perpetually growing list of games The Rays lost due, in large part, to poor management. Games like this just prove the theory that The Rays are winning in spite of Joe.

Get your head in the game, Joe. I haven't played organized baseball since I was in the 8th grade and even I knew the logical choice.

It's Maddon-ing !

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