Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Sox make me see Red !!

I waited all day to sound off on the whole Coco Crisp ordeal from last night, but the longer I stew on it the angrier I grow!

That filthy, scrawny, punk has got some nerve!
How dare he take a cheap shot like that at Aki and then have the gonads to turn around and act like a baffoon- yelling and screaming like some sort of rabid lunatic from the safety of his own dugout, coward!

Newsflash, dummy; you were the one who was playing dirty you scumbag! And don't even give me that bull-crap line about how Bartlett dropped his knee on your head earlier in the game... his knee was down before you got there you slimy little puke!!!
I now officially hate you more than Shellie Duncan you two-bit, over-hyped, thug.... bugger off!!!!!!

Rest assured, you will be re-paid in full, you sleeze (or at least one of your teammates will be, probably the defensless little Mr. Pedroia)!

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