Friday, April 24, 2009

Anyone have a broom?

It's high time for the Rays to string together some wins, and I am stepping forward to boldly predict an unlikely sweep in Oakland.
You want some statistical analysis to back up my prediction?
Ummm... no.

My prediction is like Mel Kiper Jr's annual prediction(s) of the NFL draft. Each year ol' Mel comes around and starts touting around 15 or so obvious first round choices and "strategically" matching a player with a team which has a need for said player at a specific position. The problem is that he's rarely right. He takes those names and changes the order 5 or 6 times in the month leading up to the draft with hopes that one of his guesses will be right.

So, in honor of Mel Kiper Jr and his amazing ability to predict the draft I will predict, fo rno particular reason a Rays' sweep of the A's in Oakland.

Okay, I lied. I'll give you some reasons:

Realistically, the Rays need to start winning series, and after losing the series 1-2 in Seattle they need to make up a game in Oakland and/or Minnesota just to finish the road trip above .500, and I actually like a few of the match-ups in Oakland (ie Kaz v. the inexperienced Trevor Cahill, and possibly Sonny v. Eveland).

Oakland will pitch 2 lefties in the series, which is good news for the Rays who are actually hitting lefties better than righties so far this season.
What, you want to see those numbers?


vs. LHP vs. RHP

BA -.268--- .259

OBP .353 ---.326

OPS .795---- .767

Ha, take that Mel Kiper Jr.- real statistical reasoning. Stick that into your beautiful, flowing hair and comb it through a few times.

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Michael_Rays Rev said...

While the Rays are doing better statistically against lefties, that's not translating into wins. They are unable to really string together hits against run-of-the-mill lefties. I hope they can reverse that against Oakland.

That home series against Boston is looming and it would be great to welcome them to the Trop while on a win streak.

DirtbagFan said...

Hopefully the Boston series is not where the players' heads are...