Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Affirmative Action in Boston?

Today is Jackie Robinson Day, so Happy Jackie Robinson Day. I don't really see why the color barrier talk still ruminates, but it does, and as it did I overheard the fellas over at WDAE radio here in Tampa talking about various teams and the number of African Americans on their rosters.

I thought there were a couple of interesting points (although, again I really think at this point in American society it doesn't really matter- we're past that (see Obama, Barrack). Regardless, here are those points:

  • The Dodgers (ironically) lead the league with the most African American players.
  • The Chowderheads in Boston have the least... Zero!
  • The Rays aren't far ahead with only 2 (Crawford and Upton)

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