Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What They Need

What the Rays need now:

  • They most certainly need at least 2 wins in Seattle, as well as to steal a series win in Oakland. If they can win 2 out of 3 during both those series then grab at least one in Minnesota that'll be a 5-4 road trip, and would suffice as "success" and a step in the right direction headed into the homestand v. Boston and Baltimore.
  • More consistent run production. I'm beating a dead horse, but a 6 run disparity between the games they win and lose cannot continue. Consistent scoring will help alleviate pressure from the pitchers which will in-turn help the pitchers be more consistent, and before you know it the proverbial ship has been righted.
  • Production from Pat Burrell who, until further notice, is no longer allowed to have the word "Bat" attached to his name. The allotted time frame for him to adjust to being a DH has got to be running out. Most everyone in the line-up has started to round into form with the exception of Pat. More productive outings from Pat will drastically shift the way the bullpen works and will also help resolve the inconsistent scoring issue.

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