Thursday, April 30, 2009

CHEESE & WHINE: Hold the Cheese.



  • Being Smart. I was all set to apologize because for the first time that I can remember I turned off a Rays game at the midway point (5th inning), but it seems that everyone had the same reaction. Turns out that even my favorite blogger (Cork, aka Prof) from Rays Index made the same decision. Just walk away, son. Walk away. It was the smart decision -a sporting event should not infuriate me so. These kids just don't want to win.


  • Jason Bartlett. Its not his fault, but he got hurt. One of only a few bright spots on the roster right now and he comes up with a sore hammy halfway through the game, adding injury to insult.
  • Kazmir. Remember the "good ol' days" when Kaz was good for at least 8 K's per outing? It's becoming more and more of a distant memory. Last night: 8 runs on 9 hits in 4 innings, walking 4 and striking out 4... Ladies and gentleman, please put your hands together for Edwin Jackson.
  • 1 for 12. Rays hitters were 1 for 12 with runners in scoring position. Believe it or not, the Rays actually had several chances to get back into this game, but of course they didn't take advantage- that's not how the 2009 Devil Rays roll.


  • Right now the Rays suck. There, I said it. And if they don't start playing like men I'll say it again. And if one of the coaches or veterans doesn't say it to the team soon it'll be a big mistake. These guys need to be reminded that they look like a bunch of little leaguers out there and that they're proving the world right, that they actually were a fluke (i don't believe that BTW, but i guarantee you anyone outside of a serious fan either thinks it or is leaning that way).

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