Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Devil (Ray) Made Me Do It.

I hate to do it to someone who has contributed a lot to the team over the last 2 seasons, but with a dreadful start at the plate (BA .188, OBP .200), a new lackadaisical attitude behind it, and the fact that he's blown more chances to make productive outs than Elijah Dukes has arrests (weird, two Elijah Dukes references in one day- seeing Delmon Young Yesterday must've put me back into a bad place), has earned Rays' starting catcher Dioner Navarro the honor of being the first ever starting player to make his way into the Rays the Stakes doghouse, better known as being "On-Notice" (see sidebar).

Dioner Navarro: You are officially On-Notice!
**Pay attention Melvin Upton, if you don't get your crap together soon you're next!

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Steam-Powered Penny-Farthing said...

Wow. Sad, even painful, but fair. What are the odds Navi is still adjusting to his new, svelte physique? Remember when, coming into last year, we wondered whether the pre- or post-all-star-break Navi was the real one? We thought that question had been answered, but now...at least his lousy line for the first half of 2008 was in part attributable to bad luck, making out on hard liners that happened to go right at gloves. Now, he just looks confused. It's a little bit alarming, to say the least.