Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CHEESE & WHINE: All-Star Style

AL: 4
NL: 3

  • Carl Crawford winning the MVP for an amazing catch to potentially save the game. Go figure, CC getting even more national recognition after lo so many years- right in time for him to be traded. CC, your agent/accountant/bank account thanks you.
  • AL domination continues. I just checked and the last time the NL won the all-star game was right about the same time Dino threw Fred out the window.
  • I was all ready to list how smart Longo and Maddon were for letting Longo's hammy get some rest, but it turns out it was an infected finger that kept him out of the mid-summer classic... well, they still get cheese from me, even if his hammy had to get rest under false pretenses.
  • AL pitchers showing their dominance. At one point in the game, against the best hitters in the NL, the AL pitchers retired 716 consecutive batters! Okay, it was 18, but it seemed like a bunch.


  • Barrack Obama at the game. Shouldn't you be off running the free world or reforming health care or blaming W. for that ingrown hair on your chest? I am fairly certain you'd be a better play by play guy than Joe Buck though, so there's that.
  • Production guys. When Bartlett came into the game at SS, the production guys put up the the tag-line at the bottom of the screen saying that he was 2B Ben Zobrist... ummm, they're slightly different looking- you know with different skin pigments and everything. I'll give 'em a break considering how busy keeping-up with the subs must have kept them.


  • At 2 hours and 31 minutes this was the shortest mid-summer classic since 1988.
  • No homeruns were hit in this game. The first time since 1999. (MLB).

CAVIAR (game ball):

  • The City of St Louis. They played a most gracious host, the stadium looked amazing, people watched, and the game was good.

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