Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cheese & Whine: Yankees @ Rays, Part 3

RAYS 2, New York 6


Hmmm. Well, Garza threw an alright game, giving up only three runs in seven innings, and both C.C. and Longo had a couple of good moments at the plate. That's about it.


The Rays offense did not show up, which allowed Joba "Six Innings" Chamberlain to make it through the eighth inning throwing only 101 pitches and allowing only four Rays' baserunners. Ugh. Pat the

Dan Wheeler put an exclamation point on a weak showing by the Rays' bullpen by giving up two homers in the top of the ninth.


The upshot of the past several days is this: the Rays are going to need a lot of help from the Yankees, Red Sox, and, if things keep going the way they look to be going, Rangers if they're going to make the playoffs. As of today, their chances don't look good.

Well, the Rays ought to be able to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and pummel the Royals for the next four games. Not that doing so bears upon their apparent inability to win big games, or big series', against good teams.

Let's hope for the best anyway.


- Dustin

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