Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cheese & Whine: Yankees @ Rays, Part 1

RAYS 4, New York 11

Not much to say about last night's misery, other than...


It ain't much, but BJ Upton put up two hits, scored two runs, and did not get thrown out on the basepads. Meanwhile, Pat Burrell hit a dinger, which would've been great if he could've done it a couple days ago. Last night, it was meaningless.


Oh, there's so much to say here. For example, we might wonder: at what point do we start to worry about James Shields? I understand that he's been bad against the Yankees since forever, but he's been mediocre for a longer stretch than I remember having seen. A shaky start plus a leaky bullpen is a recipe for, well, pretty much exactly what we saw last night.


The Rays obviously gotta do better than that. Unfortunately, they've got Scott "The Five-Inning Kid" Kazmir on the mound tonight against C.C. Sabathia. Cross your fingers and hope tonight's the night Kaz figures it out and looks like the dominant starter we all though (and some of us still think) he could (or can) be.


- Dustin

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