Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Afternoon's Line-ups

This afternoon's game will feature two solid pitchers, Kazmir(4-5) and Buehrle(10-3).
Here's the rest of the usual suspects as well:

First pitch is set for 2:05

TAMPA BAY (52-43)
Upton - CF
Crawford- LF
Longoria- 3B
Pena- 1B
Zobrist- 2B
Burrell- DH
Kapler- RF
Hernandez- C
*Bartlett- SS

CHICAGO (49-45)
Podsednik- CF
Ramirez- SS
Dye- RF
Konerko- DH
Quentin- LF
Beckham- 3B
Nix- 2B
Castro- C
Fields- 1B

*How great is it that the Rays have the type of lineup where they can set-up the league's fourth best batting average to hit out of the 9-hole. I love it.

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