Saturday, August 8, 2009

CHEESE & WHINE: Stayed Up For Nothin'

Rays: 6
Mariners: 7
(11 innings)

  • Jeff Niemann (innings 1 - 6). Niemann once again looked great for most of this start, but wasn't able to hold-on in the 7th. After allowing a hit in the 1st Jeff retired 17 of the next 18 batters, but then came the 7th inning (see "Whine").
  • Carl Crawford. CC was 3 for 6 with 1 RBI and his 52nd stolen base of the year.
  • Gabe Gross. Beautiful diving grab in the 9th to help ensure that the game would go to extras. Check it out here.

  • Felix Hernandez. Respect the game son, turn your flippin' hat back to where it belongs- this ain't the hood!
  • Jeff Niemann (7th inning). Niemann had the M's at his mercy, and was in-line for the win, but along came the 7th: Jeff had all but shut the Mariners down, but gave up a lead-off homer to Griffey Jr before giving up a walk and 2 singles. That was all Maddon had to see to pull the plug on the R.O.Y. contender, but the damage was done (or was about to be)...
  • Grant Balfour. The Mad Aussie inherited Niemann's runners, but did nothing to help his starter; giving up a hit, recording a hit batsman, and allowing the M's to tie it up at 5 apiece. Yes, homeplate ump, Mark Carlson, missed a call that would've struck-out Sweeney (who was hit by the following pitch to load the bases), but Balfour's job is to get out of trouble, not create it.
  • The Trains. I complained about them back in April and I'm complaining again. Nearly a dozen trains rolled past Safeco Field during the game, background noise at a ballgame should entail cheering, jeering, beer guys hollering, and crackerjack salesguys, not trains.


  • These West Coast swings kill me. Getting out of bed at 7 to come to work today after staying up to watch the Rays last night was pure hell. Would've been easier had they won.

CAVIAR (game ball):

  • Jason Bartlett. I know, he didn't even make the "Cheese", but his only hit should've been the game-winner. He did his part, and the Rays were only 1 strike from the W thanks to his solo-homer in the 11th.

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