Wednesday, August 26, 2009

El Gato es En Fuego

Carlos Pena is on fire. Pena is hitting home runs at such a torid pace that I can't even keep up anymore- what does he have now, 64?

Okay, I exaggerated, I can keep up and he has an AL-leading 37 homers so far this season. Amazingly, he holds that lead despite having had 3 different HR droughts that have lasted 10 or more games (June 8-19, June 28-July 9, and July 11-24).
In fact, from June 28 through July 24 (a total of 27 days) El Gato hit a grand total of 1 home run, which only serves to make his league-leading 37 long-balls that much more impressive.

So far during the 2009 campaign Pena has 4 multi-homer games, including last night's two-homer effort.

Pena is the pulse of the Rays, when he struggles the team struggles. I know that there are tons of other variables attached and that it's difficult to correlate individual performance with team performance, but in some cases the numbers are just too hard to argue.

Here are some of the numbers which I find interesting:
  • Over the last 10 games Pena is 11 for 32 which translates to a batting average of .344 and the Rays are 8-2 over that same span.
  • Over the previous 10 games Pena was 7 for 37 good for a .189 batting average and the Rays were an abysmal 4-6.
  • Carlos' statline in games which the Rays win: .259 BA/.390 OBP/.676 SLG/1.066 OPS
  • Carlos' statline in games which the Rays lose: .175 BA/.307 OBP/.361 SLG/.668 OPS
The numbers speak for themselves. If Pena stays hot the Rays stay hot. If not...well, I don't want to talk about that right now- I'm in a good mood (thanks to El Gato).

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