Friday, September 25, 2009

Baseball Bloggers Alliance

Over the past month or so Daniel Shoptaw of C70 At The Bat, has been working extremely hard at putting together a network of baseball blogs.

His hard work is paying off; by bringing at least 2 blogs representing each major league team into the fold Daniel has indeed created a vast database of MLB blogs which was designed to promote cross-communication between the bloggers as a means of enriching each member's content.

An obvious byproduct of this network is that the faithful blog readers of enlisted blogs will benefit form the expanded knowledge/contacts of the blog writers.

Several members of what is being termed the BBA (baseball bloggers alliance) have also come together to create a BBA website as an arena for all the alliance bloggers to post hot topic pieces or pieces of interest.

Rays the Stakes is a proud member of the BBA, and joins Rays All Day (which I had previously not been aware of) as the BBA representatives of our Tampa Bay Rays.

You can check out the BBA website here.
You can also use the link to the BBA which has been added to the sidebar.

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