Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eventually, this is gonna stop, right?

Not only does the above cartoon sum up my feelings about the past week or so, but it works thematically with the last post. The Rays load the bases with one out in the first? Rainout. The Rays give up 8 runs in the third? The umps hold on long enough to make the game official.

There are really only a handful of reasons to watch the Rays right now. One is the chance to see young players, like Wade Davis and Fernando Perez, play. Another is the hope of beating the Red Sox, thereby affording the citizens of Pink Hat Nation the opportunity to turn their attention to that charming NFL team of theirs this October. Of course, Perez sports a .316 OPS on the season, Davis looked lost last night, and the Sox thumped the Rays. Maybe things will work out better for today's double-header. Yeah, I know...

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