Saturday, September 26, 2009

CHEESE & WHINE: Texas Toast

Rays: 3
Rangers: 8

  • No one got hurt.


  • BJ Upton. Upton was 2 for 3 from the plate, but made 2 base running blunders that were costly. Bossman was picked-off at first and was caught taking a big turn around third on a hit that he presumably thought had gotten past Texas' SS Andrus... it hadn't.
  • Grant Balfour. Balfour came-in in the 8th and managed to walk 2 before giving-up a 3-run homer to Ian Kinsler. Well done Grant, well done indeed. Apparently Shouse and Springer are contagious.


  • Kinsler's 3-run dinger off of Balfour put him in the 30/30 club (30 homerS and 30 steals). Congrats to Kinsler.

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Dustin Fridkin said...

maybe, just maybe, this is a self-conscious attempt by the rays to help texas back into the race, in hopes that the red sox end up at home in october. it's possible, right?