Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dirtbag Finishes Dead Last

Well, my namesake (Dirtbag) fell well short of winning the homerun derby, in fact he finished dead last.

Justin Morneau spoiled the night by beating the far superior Josh Hamilton.
Hamilton smashed a record breaking 28 homers into the far-reaches of Yankee Stadium in the first round, but ran out of steam in the championship round, only hitting 3 to Morneau's derby winning 5.

Hamilton, a former Devil Ray, exemplifies the rise-fall-rise from the ashes story, and I was happy to see him perform well, as all Rays fans should be, and quite frankly was miffed that he didn't win.

As far as Dirtbag is concerned, I think we may just see him give it another go in the years to come. I was pleased to see that he was having a good time and soaking it all in- you only get one first time, and I have a feeling that with his "hitters' hands" he may very well have one of those fancy Homerun Derby trophies on his mantle at some point in his career.
Time will tell.

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