Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank God for the All-Star break!

The Rays have done their best impression of the Devil Rays in the week leading up to the All-star break, dropping 7 in a row, including being swept by an Indians team that has underachieved all year.

Make sure you check out the Home Run Derby tonight, where my namesake (Dirtbag)will represent for the Rays! At the expense of sounding like a homer, Evan has the power to actually contend if he can avoid being star-struck by the likes of Lance Berkman and 60,000 lousy Yankees fans.

The Derby is on ESPN tonight at 8.

And tune into Fox on Tuesday at 8 for the All-star game, in which the Rays are represented by; Dirtbag, Kaz, and Navi.

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