Thursday, June 18, 2009


Rays: 3
Rockies: 5


  • Evan Longoria. 2 for 4 with yet another homer. This was Dirt McGirt's 16th homerun and his 60th RBI. Evan's batting average is hovering around .300 (.308 to be exact), and it would be nice to see him keep it closer to .325, but I'll take .300 any day.
  • David Price. Or at least his control, and pitch count control. Price threw 72% strikes last night (71 of 99) which is a full 10% more strikes than league average (according to Kevin Kennedy). Price also lasted 7 full innings in a losing effort during which he allowed 5 runs on 10 hits, not overly horrible for Coors Field. King David also recorded a pickoff when he gunned-down Fowler at first base. The pitch efficiency and location control were both extremely encouraging despite the loss.


  • Run Support. Yesterday we posted about how few runs the Rays average after a big offensive day, last night they proved my research almost to a tee. Check it out (Repeat Runs)
  • BJ Upton. 0 for 4, again. At this point moving Bossman out of the lead-off spot wouldn't just help the team, I think it would help him too.


  • Last night The Rays managed 3 runs on 8 hits. Of all the players who recorded a hit Longo was the only one to record more than 1.
  • The Rays issued ZERO walks last night.

CAVIAR (gameball):

  • Evan Longoria. Another homer, another .500 game (plus there really wasn't any other competition)

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