Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Call To Arms..

A few days ago I posted in regard to rising-up and making sure that Jason Bartlett is on the All-Star roster (See You In St Louis).

Since that post (and I'm not implying that my post had anything to do with it) Bartlett has risen from fourth to second place in votes for SS. I highly doubt that it's realistic to expect him to surpass Jeter, but we need to continue to vote and promote Bartlett (as well as Longo).

In addition to Longoria and Bartlett we have to remember to keep pumping-out votes for CC and Pena as well. CC has been downright amazing on many levels, and Pena has led the bigs in homers essentially from day 1, has continued to play gold-glove defense, and may be just as deserving as any other Devil Ray outside of Bartlett.

Remember, you can vote 25 times per day per e-mail account, so lets keep blowing-up the ballot box, and make this a Devil Rays v. NL game. Vote Here.

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