Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Rocket Scientist’s Random Pre-Vacation Thoughts

Another week is ending, and another vacation is coming up. Before I head to Vegas for the weekend, I have more random thoughts on the Rays and some other random sports to leave you with.

The Rays swept the Royals and won the first game against the Yankees, then lost 3 games in a row. As the season goes on, streaks like this are taking 1 step forward and 3 steps backwards.

Carlos Pena may really be Pedro Cerrano. He needs to forget Jobu and do it himself.

I LOVE LeVon Washington’s desire to play for the Rays. I know nothing about him, other than what I have read in the last 12 hours, but I can tell he is going to give 110%. The Rays need people in like that in their organization right now. Hopefully Scott Boras lets him sign before August.

I really need to see “The Hangover.”

I am very happy BJ Upton had enough fire to get himself ejected last night. It didn’t affect the outcome of the game and the strike-zone was questionable at best in the 9th. It also shows to me that Upton has a fire beneath him and really wants to win. I was surprised and disappointed that Joe Maddon didn’t argue enough to follow Upton to the clubhouse. Maddon needs to put up a bumper sticker in the dugout that says “WWBCD.” (What would Bobby Cox do?)

“Sometimes I wish I was Tiger Woods” (song by Dan Bern, but I have the same thought).

Jeff Niemman is growing on me, quickly. I think he may have some down days, but he is improving and could develop into a very nice number 3 pitcher.

Andy Sonnanstine is killing me, quickly. I think he may have some up days, but he is regressing and needs to develop some sort of hamstring injury that he can work out in the minors. In unrelated news, Wade Davis is tearing it up in AAA still.

Tim Floyd resigning from USC isn’t shady at all, kinda like Roger Clemens “misremembering conversations” or Sammy Sosa forgetting how to speak English. His next job will be Isiah Thomas’ assistant at FIU.

Ben Zobrist is making a serious bid to be an all-star in my mind. Joe Maddon selecting the backups won’t hurt his chances…unless…

Joe Maddon really may pick very few Rays to be all-stars and Rays fans need to be prepared for this. He loves giving extra rest to players, and the all-star break is a perfect time for rest. If I were a betting man (and I am) would bet that he is going to send 2, at most 3 Rays’ players to the game when 4 may deserve to go.

To that quarterback who used to play for the Packers and has retired and unretired about 84214533 times: please go away. Everyone is tired of you and it’s not like you are the player you were 5 years ago. I refuse to say your name until a full NFL season goes by without you playing a single down…or until I watch “There’s Something About Mary” again.

Evan Longoria hasn’t looked the same at the plate since his hamstring injury. He has, however, been looking great in the field and one can only wonder what would have happened if Willy Aybar hadn’t been playing third in the 8th inning Sunday against the Yankees.

If the Rays don’t take 2 out of 3 from the Nationals this weekend, I am going to be frantically hitting my metaphorical panic button. I still might hit that button if the Rays don’t sweep the Nationals.

What do you think Elijah Duke’s welcome will be the first time he bats at the Trop this weekend? My guess is he gets pelted with eggs, baseballs, and demands for child support payments.

I refuse to call Pat Burrell a bust (yet) due to his injury and tendency to be streaky; however his signing and $9 million salary may have handcuffed the Rays. It is quite evident that the bullpen is struggling more than Screech Powers trying to get together with Lisa Turtle. Having some leeway to make a trade for a dominant bullpen arm could be the difference between playing in October and holding 2010 tryouts in September. Andrew Friedman’s hands are tied and he won’t be able to add the help that this team seems to desperately need. In related news, I actually think a healthy Chad Bradford would be an upgrade in the Rays’ current bullpen.

There are very few sporting events better than a game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. One of the best games I’ve ever been to, and will ever go to, was game 7 of the Lightning vs. Flames series.

Where have you gone: Grant Balfour’s fastball? Dan Wheeler’s command? Carlos Pena’s glove? Joe DiMaggio?
Reid Brignac JUST missed connecting on a ball last night for a homerun. I would really like to see him get that first shot and see what he can do when his confidence rises.

Is there anything more frustrating then “buffering” while listening to streaming radio? Well, I can think of a few things, like a crying baby on an airplane or people who use “The Milkshake Song” as a cell phone ring, but it’s close.

Gabe Kapler hit a homerun in the wind-tunnel known as Yankee Stadium. I rank that accomplishment along the line of toasting Eggos.
Gabe Kapler still sucks and hopefully will be the odd man out when Burrell comes off the disabled list.

I am headed to Vegas this weekend and will be playing in the World Series of Poker Event 24, $1500 no-limit hold ‘em event. I will provide results when I get back. Wish me luck!

-The Rocket Scientist

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Geez, how many vacations do rocket scientists get?

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Go get 'em!

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