Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rays v. Mets, A RETROspective

Before the Mets series I posted a Rays v. Mets introspective, now that its in the books I'll go back and look in retrospect at how my thoughts panned-out. Here for Rays the Stakes 201st post is
Rays v. Mets a RETROspective:

Introspective: I wonder if the Rays can win this series. No (kinda).
Retrospective: They did. It wasn't always the prettiest thing, but the Rays managed to put some balls over fences that no one else seems capable of doing, and they found ways to win games that weren't blow-outs. After a disappointing start to the series they finished on a high note with back-to-back wins.

Introspective: I bet Longoria gets off the schnide in New York. Yes he most certainly will.
Retrospective: Ah, not really. During this series Longo's BA dropped below .300 for the first time this season, and he continues to have large holes in his swing. Perhaps v. Philly he'll find his phlavor.

Introspective: If BJ struggles during this series will i get to see BJ leading-off in the Philly series? No
Retrospective: Technically I still don't know, but as I said in the introspective post; for some reason or another BJ is going to be the lead-off guy, so I've got to learn to deal with it.

Introspective: I wonder how many cheesecakes Navi will eat while in New York. Three, one with strawberries, one with cherries, and one plain.
Retrospective: I guessed 3, I was wrong, he had 4 and also arranged to have one shipped back to Tampa for today.

Introspective: Is tonight (Fri.) Sonny's last stand? He'll pitch 'til Kaz gets back, but his last stand has come and gone.
Retrospective: Sonny didn't embarrass himself, but he is what he is. Look at these numbers from a post I did a few weeks ago, and see exactly why he's be a great reliever. [Sonny's Summer Home]

(10 pre-series questions that I answered Yes or No, now listed with the actual result)

1) Will the Rays sweep the Mets in New York?
Introspective: No
Reality: No
2) Will The Rays win this series?
Introspective: Yes
Reality: Yes
3) By the end of this series will Pena have at least 24 homeruns?
Introspective: No
Reality: No (22)
4) Carl Crawford will steal at least 4 bases.
Reality: No (zero)
5) BJ Upton will be either picked-off or caught stealing at least once.
Introspective: No
Reality: No
6) JP Howell will record a save.
Introspective: Yes
Reality: Yes (game 2)
7) Tonight's start will be one of Sonnanstine's last 3 starts before moving to the 'pen.
Introspective: Yes
Reality: We'll have to wait and see
8) The Rays will average at least 7 runs per game v. the Metropolitans.
Introspective: No
Reality: Nope (5.3 runs per game)
9) Gabe Gross will get 2 starts.
Introspective: Yes
Reality: Yes
10) At least 712 Mets fans will have Rays gear on under their Mets jerseys.
Introspective: Yes
Reality: Ahhh, so close- turns out it was only 711. A 12 year old boy with a Santana jersey over a Pena t-shirt didn't make the game because his asthma acted-up right before he was supposed to catch the bus to Citi Field.

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