Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet Friday

It seems like a lifetime ago since the Rays lineup card looked even remotely close to what it was intended to look like. Of course with Aki's injury being season-ending the lineup won't look exactly like it was supposed to again this year, but according to various sources (including the official site of the Rays), both Burrell and Bartlett should be back in action on Friday.

When Friday's lineup card gets posted, if it looks something like the one below I'll dance a frickin' jig, whistle a tune, and pray to God that it makes a difference (how could it not?).

Here's how I see Friday's Lineup Card:

  • BJ Upton (CF)
  • Carl Crawford (LF)
  • Evan Longoria (3B)
  • Carlos Pena (1B)
  • Pat Burrell (DH)
  • Ben Zobrist (2B)
  • Jason Bartlett (SS)
  • Matt Joyce (RF)
  • Dioner Navarro (C)

Isn't that a just thing of beauty to see a legitimate designated hitter, and the league leader in batting average finally back in the lineup?

*For the record; I'd rather see JB leading-off, but Maddon has made it blatantly obvious that Upton is there to stay. I also wouldn't mind seeing Hernandez getting more starts as a means of motivation for Navi (anybody else ready to see Riggans again?). Gross in right field wouldn't bother me either.

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