Friday, June 19, 2009

Rays v. Mets, An Introspective

The Rays head to the Big Apple to take on the less evil of the two New York clubs this weekend. Here are my inner thoughts on various things surrounding the series.

RAYS V. METS, An Introspective:

I wonder if the Rays can win this series?

I really thought the Rays would leave Colorado with a series win, but alas I was wrong. Now I feel like they won't leave New York with a series win, so given the current trend that means they will indeed win the series. Sonnanstine has a lot to do with how this series will go. If he struggles tonight two things happen; 1, the Rays most likely loose the first game of the series, 2, the bullpen gets overused tonight which in turn handicaps the team in the following 2 games. I think they won't win the series, which means they will.

I bet Longoria gets off the schnide in New York.

For some reason I seem to think that Longo has kinda had it on cruise control for a week or so, I also think that if he watches film of his at-bats yesterday he'll be embarrassed enough to make sure that he's not resting on his laurels any longer. Longo starts the climb back to .325 in New York.

If Upton struggles during this series will I get to see JB leading-off v. Philly?

This would be a dream, but I'm afraid Joe is too stubborn to sell the horse he's already ridden for 70 games. We're apparently stuck with BJ even if he's a detriment to the team out of the lead-off spot.

I wonder how much cheesecake Navi will eat while in the Big Apple?

At least 3 whole cheesecakes, 1 with cherries, 1 with strawberries, 1 plain.

Is tonight Sonny's last stand?

Sonny is on borrowed time in my opinion. No matter how he pitches from here until Kaz gets back I feel as if he's headed to the 'pen one way or another. The question becomes, how long before Kaz returns? Sonny's last stand was about 3 weeks ago... he fell.


10 questions in regard to this series to be answered with a simple YES or NO.

1) Will the Rays sweep the Mets in New York?


2) Will The Rays win this series?


3) By the end of this series will Pena have at least 24 homeruns?


4) Carl Crawford will steal at least 4 bases.


5) BJ Upton will be either picked-off or caught stealing at least once.


6) JP Howell will record a save.


7) Tonight's start will be one of Sonnanstine's last 3 starts before moving to the 'pen.


8) The Rays will average at least 7 runs per game v. the Metropolitans.


9) Gabe Gross will get 2 starts.


10) At least 712 Mets fans will have Rays gear on under their Mets jerseys.


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