Monday, June 8, 2009

Cheese & Whine: Ugh

Rays 3
Yankees 4


-Matt Garza. Give me a starting pitcher that holds the Yankees to 1 run and leaves the game in line for a win, and I will take it every time. I know he only lasted 5 innings, but he held the star-studded Yankee lineup in check, only giving up 4 hits and walking 2. I also really like his fire and the fact that he was not happy about being pulled at this point of the game. Matt Garza deserved the win.

-BJ Upton. BJ continued his upswing, hitting an RBI double in the 3rd. BJ is now on a 10 game hitting streak, tying his career high.


-Grant Ball-four. Where is the dominant fastball from 2008? Where is the attitude? The edge? It’s just not there, and the results show. Balfour gave up 2 singles and a walk, all with 1 out, leaving the bases loaded for….

-JP Howell. I hate putting Howell here because he has been solid lately, but there is no excuse for walking home a run at this stage of the game, especially when the batter in question is a left handed hitter.

-Willy Aybar. Evan Longoria comes up with that ball.


JP Howell has blown 5 saves this year. He blew 1 save in all of 2008.

Does anyone else think that this is an average team until Joe Maddon can turn to a dominant closer?

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