Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's Put The Devil Back...

A week ago our friends over at Rays Index decided that if the 2009 Rays wanted to play like Devil Rays teams of old then they would treat them that way:

From now, until the Tampa Bay Rays have a winning record, we will only refer to the team as the “Devil Rays.” The team wants to be “The Rays” and be the beacon of sunlight shining through The Trop’s roof? Then they better damn well stop playing like the bottom-dwelling fish.And we will pay the fines. For every instance in which we use the team’s old moniker, we will donate $1 to the Tampa Bay Rays Foundation, until the team has a winning record, or the end of the season, whichever comes first...

Well, we've decide to jump on board with them.

Until this team can prove that they deserve their new and improved name they shall be referred to as the Devil Rays, and we too will pay the fines (we'll also keep a running tab in the sidebar to show how much we owe).

Let this serve as a call-to-arms to all Rays bloggers, join the rebellion- strip them of their name just like they continue to strip us of our sanity on a daily basis.
There comes a time when change is necessary, and that time is now!

I've also decided that if Joe Maddon wants to be stubborn about Upton leading-off then I'm going to be stubborn too. Mr Maddon will stay "on notice" until he either bumps Upton out of the lead-off spot or until Upton moves his average to .250.

Just to get the ball rolling (so to speak), freakin' get your crap together Devil Rays (that's 1).

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