Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last month I predicted how 2 weeks worth of games would play-out for each of the AL East's "big three", and quickly termed it Eternal Optimism. It turned out that I had a fairly successful go at it, so in an attempt to once again be eternally optimistic (and hope it helps break the slump) I am going to do a shortened, less-specific version only this time I'll do it for the next 7 games, will include Toronto, and will only predict the overall record of each team at the end of the 7 games (not the specific outcome of each game like last time).
So without any further ado:

Boston Red Sox: 4-3
The Sox get 2 more v. Minn before heading to Toronto to take on a suddenly struggling Jays team for a 3-game set before 2 games v. Detroit to round out the 7 game stretch.

New York Yankees: 3-4

The Yanks will have one more game against Texas before heading to Cleveland for 4 and then wrapping up with 2 more against Texas.

Toronto Blue Jays: 3-4

The Jays get 1 more in Baltimore (starting soon) before 3 v. Boston then 3 versus the Angels to wrap up their 7-day spread.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays: 5-2

Tampa gets 2 more cracks at breaking the Cleveland Curse before heading to Minnesota for 3 and Kansas City for 2 to round out the 7 game span.


We're this to transpire the Standings would look like this:















I'd take this as another step in the right direction all things considered. Time will tell.

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