Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Plan For Pat & Matt

As I alluded to in the comments section of a post over at Rays Index yesterday, I feel that I've got the perfect solution for what to do with Pat Burrell's neck issue.

Given that Burrell's "stiff neck" has been hindering his performance for the last several weeks, has forced him to miss several games, and has apparently gotten bad enough, or worrisome enough, for him to be shipped out of Baltimore ahead of the team, I feel its time for a smart baseball decision to be made by the powers-that-be in the organization.

Here's a win-win situation if ever I've heard one:


Send Pat the Patient to the 15 day DL so his neck can be properly checked out and rested.


Use a combination of Zobrist and Aybar at the DH position in his absence.


Call-up Matt Joyce, who is already viewed by most as the (near) future full-time right fielder to take Burrell's spot on the roster and give him a chance to be the everyday right fielder during Pat's stint on the DL.


a) If Joyce shows that he's ready for the Big League roster then move Kapler and give the job to Joyce.

b) If Joyce shows that he's not quite ready yet then when Pat's 15 days are up send Matt back down and go back to business as usual with Pat as the DH and Kapler, Zobrist, and Gross taking turns in right field.

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