Friday, May 22, 2009

Ode To Zobrist

The crowd they are gathered,
The team is all warm.

Outside of the Trop
there arises a storm.

As the rain beats,
leading the way to thunder.

The Rays take the field,
attempting the A's to put under.

The man on the mound
works quick and throws hard.

Leading his his team
like Captain Picard

The innings they come,
and the innings they go.

The Rays leading by 1,
and facing a worthy foe.

Into the 8th
that tricky old inning.

Oakland scores 1,
we're back to the beginning.

Tied headed for the 9th,
and here comes the closer.

But Percy, oh Percy
is such a push-over.

He blows like the wind,
outside of the Trop.

Giving Oakland the lead
now they're 2 runs on top.

Bottom of the 9th
most all hope is lost.

But the gang keeps fighting,
no matter the cost.

Aybar gets on,
but Aki gets out.

Only 2 outs left,
a loss, no doubt.

But what is this ,
from the dugout I see?

A tall slender player
who's name starts with Z!

So many times ,
he's come through in the clutch.
He can't possibly do it again,
enough is enough.

But now with the count
at 1 and 1 sitting

Zobrist has visions
of nothing but winning.

The pitcher delivers the ball,
hoping Zobrist to beat

But Ben is ready...
and sends it into the seats!

Hooray, hoorah,
he's done it again!

This utility player,
whom most just call Ben.

You can call him Clutch,
call him the Thrilla'
But me and my friends,
we call him ZORILLA.